Friday, March 1, 2013

FWL Episode 16 - Cultural Conundrums

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In this episode I talk about how we found out our foster child is part Native American and what that means for adoption possibilities.



  1. Hi Dan and Family

    Thought I would give you a shout out from Lancashire, England. I have been listening to your podcast since last november along with Tim&Wendy and Dan&Christa. Me and my husband are in the process of fostering here in the UK. I am considering doing a podcast if we are approved. I always look forward to hear you and your families antics! And you have given great insight into having various placements. I was sorry to hear your youngest was so poorly. I hope you get an opportunity to be considered to keep your foster boy. As you say its love he needs and you are prepared to help with is cultural needs. But as Tim and Wendy say.... its a crazy system. Oh! I too watch downton abby. We english love it too. I teach yoga and my class keep asking me to download the theme tune. Anyway. Thanks so much for time you take ti share. I enjoyed the episode with your wife but I get with 5 ikle ones, she might have other priorities. Bella. :-)

  2. Hi Bella,

    Lancashire, England? Awesome! Thank you so much for your kind comments. I too love listening to Tim & Wendy, and Dan & Christa. I'm glad you have enjoyed my podcast and look forward to it. That's so kind of you to say, thank you! When you're approved you should totally do a podcast and please let me know about it so I can listen and leave you comments! :) yes, Downton Abbey is amazing. I can't believe how they ended season 3 though. Heart breaking. Thanks again!

  3. Hi Dan,

    How did you deal with the food issues? I have adopted 2 girls (4 and 5 yrs old) and they do the same things except that the steal the food when everyone goes to bed.


    1. Hi Melissa! My wife had a sit down with our 5 year old foster guy a few times telling him that there will always be food he can eat. I've also heard that just having a little plate or bowl set out maybe on the counter or where they can get to it with snacky things like granola bars or bananas or something - so they know if they're hungry they can go get a snack whenever they want. But I think the biggest thing is just that it will take time until they can see that they will always be fed consistently. It took a while for our guy to stop freaking out about food, I can't remember but at least a month I want to say. Good luck! Anyone else reading this with advice on the subject please chime in!