Thursday, January 30, 2014

FWL Episode 18 - Let's Do This Again

In this episode I talk about how we went about getting re-licensed to be foster parents after our break from doing it for a while and we had a middle of the night placement of two kids! Brother and sister. Sad stuff. We're back on this foster parenting journey again. 

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Approved to be Foster Parents Again!

We've filled out the paperwork, faxed and emailed more paperwork, had our fingerprints taken again for the background check and we are now once again approved to be foster parents. Your license lasts three years in Washington state where we are I believe and we let ours expire because we had a lot going on with home schooling and jobs and all sorts of new things but now we're going to be foster parents again. 

Unless we get a placement our first time fostering again will be respite care overnight for a friend who's a foster parent. I'm guessing there will be a new episode, hopefully more than one, this February of 2014. Thanks everyone!