Friday, June 12, 2015

Adoption Complete!

Thanks to a listener leaving a comment asking if we ended up adopting our foster daughter I'm here with an update. This Monday June 8th we adopted our foster daughter! Now she's just our daughter! Above is a picture of the cake my wife made for her adoption party. We are so blessed to have her. I really need to record a new episode! I'm sorry it's been so long. Hopefully I'll be recording soon with all the updates I haven't shared. There's a lot to fill you all in on.


  1. So beautiful. My first foster child has been part of my family now for 25 years. We could not adopt but we had name changes and my first grandbaby also has our surname. Love makes it work. <3 Congratulations family on finding your missing piece.

    1. Thank you Cecilia! Wow that's amazing how you've kept in touch. Thank you!

  2. Wow!! Great to know about this adoption party. Happy to know about this. One of my friends has also adopted a child and planning to celebrate her birthday at one of Venues in San Francisco. It will be so good to be there and help her.