Thursday, April 10, 2014

FWL Episode 22 - A Heartbreak

In this episode I talk about how hard it is when a foster child who's been with you for a while has to leave. This time a 4 year old boy we were caring for had to leave because he was showing signs of sexual abuse. Listen to the episode to hear about this terrible yet all to common issue.

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  1. Hi Dan! I'm a foster parent in Ohio. I found your podcast about a month ago and just finished the last episode. I came here looking for an update! You promised you wouldn't podfade :) I really enjoyed hearing about your family's journey in fostering and hope you'll record a new podcast soon

    1. Kaitlyn,
      Thank you so much for listening! I know it's been forever! I really need to record new episodes. We actually are going through the process of possibly adopting right now which involves meetings to see if our Foster child is bonded and if we're a good permanent placement. I'll record soon and share what these experiences have been like. Thank you so much for listening! I will update as soon as I can get in front of the microphone. Part of it is that I picked up a second job so that's been taking all my time but I'm excited to record again. There's a lot to update you all on. Thanks!

    2. And thanks for being a foster parent! You're a hero!

    3. Thanks for your reply! We have 4 kids right now (1 adopted, 1 foster, 2 bio) so I certainly understand how busy life gets! But I would love to hear an update when you get a chance, and to hear more about adopting through foster care

    4. Kaitlyn - thanks to you a new episode is finally available! Thank you so much for listening!